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A ministry of Trinity United Methodist Church

"There is a wonderful feeling of community at TCS.  We are always impressed with the children's behavior as they smile and speak - holding the door for us as we enter. We find the faculty enthusiastic about teaching. The classrooms are decorated and condusive to learning. Our experience with TCS has been and continues to be excellent." ~Parent

"Intimate class sizes. Great teachers. Spacious class rooms." ~Parent

"Outstandingpacious... Christ centered... the best!  We have two children here and are very blessed to be part of the Trinity family." ~Sherry (Parent)

"Great small private school to send your child. We sent our daughter here believing that the Christian teachers, curriculum and small classes will help her to navigate through some of those tumultuous pre-adolescence years. She did well academically and has made a good transition into high school. Because of Trinity, I believe she was better prepared academically, emotionally, and spiritually to meet the demands of attending a large public high school." ~Parent